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               FuJian QuanZhou FeiYaDa Co.,LTD is located in Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone Zhang ban Zhen Huang Ling Cun Wai Industrial Park plant boutique Park 5# plant the layer 2, 3 layer, the main wound dressing with a barrel type mesh bandage, the model relates to a medical supplies.
                Today's rapid social and economic development, the resources are lack, gradually become people to pay attention to the problem: people in daily life and work, often encounter trauma and the need for a medical for medicine. Traditional wound dressing is the use of cotton bandage. This kind of cotton yarn bandage is usually the same kind of ordinary cotton woven, that is, people often say that the gauze, the gauze needs to be repeatedly wound around the wound, in order to play a fixed role. Such a waste of cotton, two is to prevent joint movement; three is easy to stimulate the wound and skin, resulting in wound inflammation and prolong the healing time, so that can not play the role of protecting the wound. So there is an urgent need for a bandage that really protects the wound and speeds up the healing of the wound.
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